Today I finally reached a straw that broke the camels back moment, and ended up sobbing in the local social welfare office. With the last ten months every month I have to ring my GP, when they finally answer after an on average waiting time of 8 minutes I might get to talk to the right person sometimes I just hang up in frustration and think I’ll try again the next in next few days. The purpose of these monthly calls to order a illness benefit certificate, ah you might think why are you complaining isn’t it worth the bit of inconvenience for that weekly payment you get because you can’t work anymore, well the reality is I don’t receive a cent for all this hassle the reason being because I choose to stay at home and mind my children as they were growing up I haven’t accumulated enough stamps to entitle me to a payment. So you might ask why do I order this form every month after said phone calls and repetition of all my details then drive 9 miles one direction to collect it and 20 miles the other to deliver it, well the reason is because I need to keep a record for my PENSION!!!

So today after ten months of this monthly carry on I found said letter in my bag and was late again with its delivery and really past caring. When. I got to the service hatch I presented it with the statement is this really necessary, do you have any idea how upsetting it is for me to have to do this every month for my PENSION? Clearly they didn’t cos they hadn’t the foggiest what I was talking about but once I finally managed to explain my circumstance through my tears, I realised I had finally met someone with that most unusual of characteristics a bit of common sense and I actually cried a bit more when they tore the stupid form up in front of me and told me don’t worry about it.

So I finally left with a new form, no guarantees I would receive anything as a payment but I only have to fill it in once and if it is approved amazing but if it’s not nothing lost unlike my monthly routine with the last ten months feeling totally demoralised every time I had to try and get that form sorted. Cancer patients have enough to deal with in their lives bureaucratic rules adding to their stress is certainly an unwanted and unfair addition to what they are dealing with I do understand rules are there for a reason but always following rules without some level of empathy is a sorry reflection of the way society is going, people have to follow scripts when you deal with them and common sense doesn’t seem to be something that’s valued anymore when dealing with the public. Sometimes it takes a lady with with a camel with a broken back to make them notice how much of a difference a little bit of common sense can make to someone going through a difficult time…..