This blog is written by an Irish Melanoma Patient, all views expressed on here are my own unless I’m quoting someone else directly. Some of the posts are of a personal nature some are informational I hope you like the mix. I am not an expert I have since diagnosis been proactive in getting myself educated on melanoma and its treatment. When I was first diagnosed 12 years ago there was very little melanoma specific support available especially to stage 4 patients as we were not expected to survive more than a few months. I am glad to say that in recent years this has changed and now throughout Ireland & Europe there is a really strong network of support for patients some are focused on early stage, some late and some cover all stages it is a good mix and there is also support for carers, family members and those bereaved through Melanoma. Many of these groups can be found on Facebook and offer a wealth of information and support.

12 years ago I was first diagnosed stage 2A, I took part in a clinical trial which was deemed unsucessful and finished ahead of schedule,  I was disease free for ten years until I progressed to stage 4 to say it was a shock would not cover it, in fact it is difficult to explain in words what it feels like to get that diagnosis. I was incredibly ill at the time but luclily got access to medication that prolonged my life. At present i continue on treatment and hope that they can keep it under control for as long as possible.

I have been brought into contact with amazing people from around the world who are  passionate about helping Melanoma patients.  Melanoma patient advocates from around the world share information and ideas freely and learn the differences between our health systems, and the treatments approved in our countries. I have attend international conferences in pursuit of the most updated information and patient treatment plans, and I will always support organisations that have  Melanoma patient welfare at their core.

Some of the groups that I can suggest are Melanoma Support Ireland, Melanomamates, MPNE Melanoma Patient Network Europe  ,  Stage 1 & 2 Melanoma Patients (learning to live again) Uk and Ireland.  For information on Clinical trials in Ireland contact


I hope you find the information contained in this blog of help and please feel free to give me your feedback at: