There was a photograph shared on social media this week which was a perfect example of what I mean by the Irish mindset when it comes to the sun, it featured two girls sunbathing in a car park with the phrase “14 degrees and Ireland be like” now I in no way blame the guys who created this picture because in actual fact judging by the 1.7k comments and 26.4k likes it actually, was a spot on observation, even if meant in jest of Irish attitudes, but it’s worrying to say the least, so I sent a message to the Dublin radio station that shared the photograph and asked them if they could share something more responsible considering our high rates of skin cancer in young Irish people a bit over the top you might think and from the eye rolling I received from my own young people, I was almost convinced, but ten minutes later I had an offer to take part in the morning talk show and hopefully have a chance to explain why I feel so strongly about the subject so for anyone who would like to listen it will be Tuesday morning the 26th April in or around 11 am and its on Dublin 98fm Dublin Talks with Adrian Kennedy & Jeremy Dixon. Its not something I have done before so I’m hoping I will do ok on the day, and Adrian has promised to go easy on me 🙂

If your not in the Dublin area you can download the Dublin 98fm app, click on the link below to listen live or we will try and put a link up to the pod cast after so you can listen back