MPNE Brussels

I have met so many amazing people today with a common purpose to improve information and knowledge in all areas of melanoma, it is wonderful that people from 19 different countries can come together and LISTEN, DISCUSS, TEACH now we can unite and influence change. I have heard some incredibly joyful stories such as a stage 1 and stage 3 patients who met at a support group meeting and fell in love they are so inspiring and full of hope but there are also the stories of despair such as patients from Eastern Europe who cannot access treatment we take for granted in Ireland how or why should my life be considered more valuable than theirs that is a question for all of us to ponder as we are all affected by drug availability on this journey can you imagine yourself or a family member in that position!!! This is what this conference is all about giving empowerment to the patient but we are also allowed to have some fun (cancer patients don’t stop wanting to enjoy themselves) such as Advocate Speed Dating a strange concept I thought when I read the days agenda but ultimately an inspired idea what better way to introduce and brainstorm with like minded people that using the speed dating model there was lots of laughter and hugs as we moved around the room truly wonderful 😊 There is a lot of knowledge here so I will try to organise the information and do it justice