Fran & Kay on Tipp Fm


Me, Fran Curry Tipp Fm
On Thursday morning Fran Curry and his team at Tipp fm had kindly invited me to come in to studio to speak about Melanoma Awareness Month. I have never been in a radio studio before so I was pretty nervous, Anne-Marie the researcher passed me a glass of water as I waited for my turn outside the studio door, I’m sure she must have been as worried as me that it wasn’t going to make the table beside me with my shaky hand. I sat there wondering if anyone had ever actually got sick on the carpet before they were due on air, I looked hopefully for a sign so I would know it wasn’t just me that felt like this!!

The door opened and in I went no escaping, Fran was very welcoming and helped me relax a bit, before the chat started. I did sound a little croaky to start but when we got going it was fine. It’s never easy to talk about yourself and your own situation it’s amazing the effect it still has on me 12 years later when I go to speak about that awful day in October 2004 when I first heard the words Malignant Melanoma and Cancer in relation to myself. It’s not something that’s easy to put into words and even though my reoccurrence was a much more serious scenario last year, that initial shock in 2004 for me is always the one that brings me right back to that moment and that feeling of disbelief and fear when I talk about Melanoma.

It’s difficult to remember everything you wanted to say when you are live on air and the conversation can move in different directions to what you had planned out in your head ( I obviously forgot everything I had learned in Mindfulness about being in the now and not projecting ahead☺️) but I think overall it went very well and Fran seemed happy too, so we discussed me coming back into to talk about Sun Saftey in relation to the Healthy Clubs project being run at our local club (see previous post below).

I have a few more projects in the pipeline for next couple of weeks before I leave for ASCO, more on that in the next few weeks. The reason I have been pushing myself forward to talk is May is recognised internationally as Melanoma Awareness month as it is the start of summer and a good reminder to remember to be prepared for the sunny days ahead hopefully. In Ireland there hasn’t been any big campaign nationally yet like other countries to promote it like a specific day or week with nationwide events so for the moment we are doing what we can to highlight where to get information like our website and Facebook page. So beware you might be seeing and hearing more from me in the coming weeks than usual.

After the interview I went to meet a friend down town and as it was sunny practising what I preach I was wearing my wide brimmed hat, I was surprised at the looks I received people looked puzzled like surely there’s no need for that today, I don’t understand why it is so accepted you wear a hat to protect from the cold why not the damage from the sun?? Think I need a t-shirt printed with the slogan Hat’s are not Just for Melanomies, more embarrassment on the way for my teenagers ☀️👒